cash for junk cars fort lauderdale

Cash For Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale

cash for cars fort lauderdaleDo you have an old rusty vehicle blocking your driveway space or ruining the exterior beauty of your home? Tried selling it, but didn’t get enough money? Worse, nobody is willing to take the car off your driveway? What should you do with that old piece of junk? Well, if you are so eager on getting rid of the car (and earning a few bucks on the side), then you are at the right place!

A solution can help YOU and the environment. Even better than that, you can be paid for it. Yes, Junk It Florida is now offering ‘cash for junk cars’. This means, if you have a rusty old gas-guzzler blocking your driveway space, you can easily sell it out to earn some cash. We buy unwanted vehicles and offer FREE  junk car removal service in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, and Miami

We Care about the Environment

junk car buyers fort lauderdaleYou can call us at any time to have your automobile taken away. We will pay you the money and tow away your vehicle free. The best part of all: we pay top dollar for your old junk car! Therefore, you do not even have to worry about suffering a loss, if you sell the vehicle. It may sound a bit weird as to why a company would pay a price for an unwanted, unused, debris or salvage vehicles, but we have a GOAL.

Junk It Florida is determined on protecting the environment and reducing the harm done to it. As such, we recycle the steel from automobiles to save natural resources as well as energy. Did you know that the process of recycling and making steel reusable again only consumes one-fourth of the energy it takes to manufacture new steel? Perhaps you did not, but now you do!

The Savings

we buy junk cars fort lauderdaleOur aim is to recycle the steel from the junk car you sell us. Of course, we may sound a bit farfetched, but all it takes is one new idea to make a difference. In addition, by recycling steel we can save enough energy to power about 18 million homes per year in the US. Recycling steel also keeps 800,000 tons of Ferris Metals and 11 million tons of steel out of the landfills each year.

Additionally, recycling steel also enables the U.S to save approximately 85 million barrels of OIL each year. Moreover, we all know how important of a commodity and resource ‘oil’ is. Therefore, if you have a rusty vehicle that is of no use, you might as well sell it out for cash to make a change in the environment. We will scrap your vehicle and tow it away free.

It does not matter if you have one car or several, we can salvage each and give you cash immediately. Just give us a call, tell us your location, and we will pay TOP DOLLAR for your sale. Besides, think about what you do with the money you get from selling that old car? Instead of allowing your car to rot, you might as well sell it out and use the money to buy something for yourself.

Selling your old clunker to make some cash on a fly is not a bad idea at all. Not to mention, the process is speedy, the service is free of charge, and you have an entire friendly staff within reach for troubleshooting. You can even receive help in circumstances there are some documentation issues.

So, how do you go about selling your old junk vehicle?


Cash for junk cars Fort Lauderdale

How to Sell Your Vehicle to Junk It Florida?

Our  ‘cash for junk cars’ program enables the general public to finally sell useless/unwanted vehicles and make some money while cleaning up their garages, yards, and driveways. Unlike other programs, we welcome the selling of all types of vehicles, makes/models, foreign/domestic, running/broken-down, while offering top dollar. You might be wondering: how do I sell my junk car? The process is easy and simple and involves four steps. All you have to do is:

cash for junk cars fort lauderdale

  1. Call for a free quote at (954) 358-4879 and provide all relevant information about your vehicle, its make/model, age, condition, etc.
  2. We will determine the market value of the vehicle and give you a free quote on the spot.
  3. If you agree with the determined quote, we will arrange for the removal of your car by sending our staff over. They will transfer your vehicle onto a towing truck.
  4. You are paid in cash for your sale.

This service is not only available for junk cars, though. If you are planning to sell a used ‘working’ car that is in good condition, you can contact or visit our dealership. In fact, whatever your situation, whatever your need or whatever condition your car is in, contact us and we will help you. It doesn’t matter if the insurance company says your car is so damaged it’s a loss, it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell a car no one wants – if you want it sold, we will pay you top dollar for it.

Why Should You Sell Your Vehicle to Us?

cash for carsWith twenty years of experience serving the South Florida area, we understand the concerns of most car owners: why should you sell your vehicle to us? The below benefits will answer all your questions and concerns:

  • Cash for junk cars Fort Lauderdale – We offer top dollar for vehicles, be it used or junk.
  • Finally, your unwanted vehicle will be off your property.
  • We take care of all the paperwork, so there is no hassle of using our service.
  • You do not have to pay for towing the vehicle. We will take away your vehicle free.
  • You have the ability to get cash for a car that is not working or you are not using.
  • We recycle vehicles and the steel obtained from it in an environmentally friendly way.
  • The remove hazardous materials and recycle fluids that could harm the environment.
  • All of the used or junk vehicle parts are recycled and made available to customers.
  • The remaining metal is used to create new steel products.

We have been proudly serving South Florida for over twenty years. In that time, we’ve built great relationships with our customers who keep coming back to us to sell used and damaged cars, and get fair cash offers. We make offers that compete with unwanted car dealers in Fort Lauderdale who just want to sell you another car. Skip the hassle of going to the dealer and let us pick up your car and give you cash! You can put that cash towards one of the used cars for sale in Fort Lauderdale and you’ll have room for it in your garage thanks to our junk car removal. When it comes to junk car removal in South Florida, we’re the service provider that the community trusts.

cash for junk cars fort lauderdale, fl

So if I sell my junk car to Junk It Florida, what do they do with it?

We specialize in the removal and recycling of junk cars. Unfortunately, recycling your car isn’t as easy as recycling a plastic bottle. That’s where Junk It Florida comes in. Vehicles are mostly made of steel and we recycle that steel making a huge positive impact on the environment. Recycling steel only takes about one-fourth of the energy it takes to produce new steel. We care about the environment and we want to be part of the effort to preserve the planet’s resources.

Do you have a friend who is trying to get rid of a car for cash in Fort Lauderdale?

Tell them Junk It Florida is looking for Fort Lauderdale damaged cars available for sale! The next time you hear someone say “I want to sell my junk car” in Fort Lauderdale, ask them to consider Junk It Florida or check out our website for a free quote. We want to help South Florida turn those old, rusty, unsafe, uncool cars into cash!