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When you sell your junk car in Fort Lauderdale to Junk It Florida, you are doing your part to help the environment.
Junk It Florida is a family owned and operated, salvage based, wholesale dealership business that began in 1994. Servicing the tri county area of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, Junk it Florida is environmentally conscious, and skilled in the proper handling and removal of junk autos and auto parts. When disposing of gasoline, oil, and fluids from junk vehicles, Junk It Florida adheres to the strictest safety standards. Equipped to tow away any auto, including large commercial trucks and vehicles, Junk It Florida can pay you cash for your antique or junk automobile in Fort Lauderdale, whether it runs or not, and you will receive a fair price for it. Junk it Florida will relieve you of the burden of trying to unload a vehicle you no longer have any use for. Junk It Florida reconditions used auto parts and offers them to other car owners at a discounted cost, and can assist you with disposing of your old vehicle while converting it into cash for you! Junk It Florida is your junk car removal service in Fort Lauderdale!

junk my car fort lauderdaleRecycling is a way of life these days, and almost any type of material can be recycled and used again in one capacity or another. Old cars are no exception; in fact, automobiles are the #1 recycled product in the United States, with 10 million recycled every year. Recycling cars provides many benefits for the environment, as well as the wallet!

Nearly all cars throughout the world are built on frames made of steel. When steel is recycled, energy and natural resources are conserved, as compared to manufacturing new steel. Recycling other materials from automobiles reduces the amount of waste in landfills, prevents toxic chemicals from contaminating the groundwater, and it also reduces the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is an excellent step toward preserving the environment for generations to come.

Cash for junk cars in Fort Lauderdale is just a phone call away!

Junk It Florida is interested in buying your used car too! Save yourself time from attempting to privately sell your used automobile, and call Junk It Florida first! Junk It Florida will provide you with a true and honest evaluation of your vehicle’s worth. Your car will not be undervalued, which is often the risk many run into when going to a dealership to trade their old car in. As a wholesale licensed dealer, we can fix your used automobile, get it running again so it can be of service to someone else, and if that isn’t possible, we make sure it is recycled properly and salvage its usable parts. Junk It Florida will remove your junk auto even if:

  • It was totaled in an accident.
  • Was flooded or has water damage, or was in a natural disaster.
  • The auto has any type of mechanical problem and doesn’t run.
  • It is foreign or domestic.
  • It is a commercial truck or vehicle.

sell my junk car in fort lauderdaleDon’t waste any more time letting your car sit in the yard, as it depreciates in value. Get the most out of your junk car by acting now and doing business with Junk It Florida – the company that prides itself on its integrity, and will always offer you a fair and honest deal. When you speak to someone at Junk It Florida, they will provide you with an accurate and quick quote of your car’s value, and then they will pay you cash on the spot when they come to remove your vehicle. Visit: https://junkitflorida.com for more information about how you can get cash for your junk car in Fort Lauderdale, or call (954) 358 – 4879 today!