Cash For Junk Cars For Lauderdale

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Cash For Junk Cars

top cash for salvage vehicleJunk it Florida has been operating in the South Florida area for more than 20 years now.  We’ve been successful because we treat people fairly.  We offer top money for used cars, broken-down cars, and junkers.  We have the facilities and know-how to completely recycle vehicles like yours and turn what seems like a useless pile of metal into something valuable once again.  We want to help you, put a little money in your pocket and do our part for the environment.  When you call Junk It Florida, everybody wins!
No matter what your situation, you can call us first.  We deal in all types of vehicles that may be of absolutely no use, do not run, are considered totaled and are only taking up space.  Junk It Florida can help you get rid of a problem and help you financially.  Take a quick look at the information below and see if you fall into any of these categories.  If we’ve left something out, call us anyway.  Our experts are trained to do all they can to get you a deal.

Is Your Car Totaled, Physically Damaged or Having Mechanical issues?

If your car has been totaled or determined a total loss by your insurance company, it still has value.  Have you been in an accident and just want to get rid of the car?  Does your vehicle have serious mechanical problems like a blown engine or transmission?

Junk It Florida will offer you the most cash possible for these vehicles.  We can help you decide what to do and we’ll come to you, remove the car for free and pay you top dollar for it.  Call us today or fill in the online evaluation form below to learn more.

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SUV’s and pickups Can Really Payoff

These days, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles are in high demand.  If you own one and think it’s just a busted clunker that isn’t worth space it’s taking up in your driveway, think again!  We want your SUV or truck and pay you money  back for your unwanted vehicles.  We’ll offer you the most cash value possible and we’ll get it out of your hair for free.

Commercial Trucks Are No Longer Your Headache Now

If you have an old commercial truck that’s on its last legs or one that’s simply dead on its wheels, give us a call today!  Getting rid of that old or broken down commercial truck can be a huge hassle, and Junk it Florida is here to help.  We’re fully equipped to tow it away for you at no charge and we’ll even offer you a fair cash payment.  If you have more than one, let us know, we’d love to take them off your hands.

Flood or Water Damaged?  No Problem!

We want your unused vehicles and pay you cash money on the spot.  If you have a car, truck, van or other automobiles that had been submerged or damaged by water in a natural disaster, let us know.  Even if your insurance company has deemed the vehicle a complete loss, you may be able to cover your deductible by retaining the right to salvage it yourself.  Just give us  a call and we’ll  take care of everything with a money in your hand.

Do You Want to Get Rid of That Junk Car but Can’t Find Your Title or Registration?

This often happens with older cars.  It’s easy to misplace a title or registration after a lot of time has gone by. We can help with these types of confusion.  Just give us a call and provide us with the VIN (vehicle identification number) and we’ll look you up in the DMV database.  We are often able to verify your ownership and not only get rid of that old clunker but make you a great deal on it too.