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Boca Raton’s Most Trusted Junk Car Removal Service – Junk It Florida, Saves You Time, Money, and will Remove That Old, Unwanted Car Today!

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No paying for expensive classified adsMany parts of your car still hold value, even if your car doesn’t run or isn’t repairable. Junk It Florida is an honest, and trustworthy company, which is what has kept us working for over 20 years. Junk It Florida will salvage parts from totaled or junk cars, repair them, and make them available for resale to other Boca Raton residents who can use them to replace worn out parts in their own vehicles.  The rest of the car’s materials will be recycled, so that less of it winds up in a landfill. When you do business with Junk It Florida, you are helping us keep our commitment to help protect the environment. Did you know that automobiles are the top recycled product in the United States each year? Another amazing fact: Recycling steel saves approximately 85 million barrels of oil each year. Reducing waste and finding more efficient ways to recycle and reuse products offers many important benefits. For older cars, Junk It Florida refurbishes the parts and components that are still functional so they can be reused, and those that are not repairable will be properly disposed of. This can greatly benefit the environment.  Reducing the demand for newly manufactured parts, and making sure that potentially hazardous wastes are not putting local ecologic interests at greater risk are what helps ensure a better planet for our children and grandchildren tomorrow. boca raton junk car removal serviceMake money selling your antique or junk car in Boca Raton with Junk It Florida! Junk It Florida will pick up your car and deliver your payment today. Take that money and put it down on a new vehicle! Driving an older car that suffers from a number of mechanical issues, or one that is unable to provide you with reliability and efficiency can be costing you more than you think. Engines that are nearing the end of their lifespan could be producing far more emissions than their newer equivalents, making the decision to recycle them and invest in a newer vehicle worthy of attention. Owning a newer vehicle that is in better condition can make a huge difference – more than you may expect! Boca Raton Residents: Get cash for your used car today from Junk It Florida. Don’t let your vehicle be undervalued at the dealership! Call Junk It Florida today and speak with a representative who will give you a prompt and serious offer that reflects your car’s true value. Once a deal is made, we will schedule a convenient day and time to come and collect your vehicle, and deliver your payment! Say goodbye to that old junk car that you have no use for, and hello to some money in your pocket! No trouble, no effort, it really is that simple!  Junk It Florida will quickly remove that headache, and pay you to take it off your hands.

  • No need to deal with strangers
  • No waiting weeks or months to get an offer

Call Junk It Florida today at: (954) 358 – 4879, or visit: Get a fair price for your junk vehicle with Junk It Florida!