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Junk Car Removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Junk Car Removal Service in Fort Lauderdale – Honest and Trustworthy since 1994.

Do you have an old car that is taking up your valuable space, but you don’t know how to dispose of it? Well, worry not! Contact Junk It Florida today at (958) 358- 4879 to know more and get rid of your junk car Fort Lauderdale instantly!

Cash For Junk Cars in Ft Lauderdale

Junk It Florida is a wholesale dealership business that is family-owned and operated since 1994. It is a salvage-based automobile wholesale business that provides unbeatable service to the residents of Fort Lauderdale. For 27 years now, Junk It Florida has been servicing the entire tri-county area of Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade.

Unlike our competitors, we are environmentally conscious and have an auto recycling program in place. We have the proper equipment to handle the removal process and use the safest methods to dispose of fluids. You can vouch on our expertise to tow away different types of autos including vehicles and large commercial trucks. We have purchased a lot of vehicles and we can help you sell your junk cars for cash the easiest way. Whether your car can run or it doesn’t start, you can still be guaranteed to get decent money for it. Junk It Florida knows what it means to have a car that you don’t use and you are left wondering whether you can get something out of it. When you get in touch with us, you will know why selling your car to us is the best decision yet.

Junk Car Fort Lauderdale

Recycling is not new in most industries and this is no exception in the automobile industry. Cars are the top recycled product in the United States, with an estimated 10 million cars recycled each year. With our auto-recycling program, we can recondition the used parts of your old vehicle in compliance with EPA regulations. We then salvage the reconditioned parts to car owners at discounted prices. Rather than ending up in landfill, your used but drivable car will benefit someone in the community at a fair price. You get cash for your used car, the environment is protected, and we get cars that we can use for scrap and parts. With Junk It Florida, everybody wins!

Since almost all autos in the world feature steel frames, recycling cars helps to conserve energy and natural resources. This also helps to lower wastes in the landfills which can be detrimental to the environment. Unlike manufacturing steel, recycling steel lowers the amount of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere and prevents contamination of groundwater by toxic chemicals. When you do business with Junk It Florida, your wallet gets fat and the environment is protected.

Getting Quick Cash for Your Junk Car in Fort Lauderdale is a Call Away!

Junk It Florida is looking for you if you are a used car that you want to dispose of. Give us a call first before you try selling privately or through the dealership or auction process. We will do an honest and trustworthy evaluation of your car’s worth. We will then send you the quote as soon as possible. Compared to doing business with a dealership, you can be guaranteed that we will not undervalue your car but give you an accurate quote. You will get a high return for your used car whether it is operational or not. We are open to doing business with you no matter the condition of your car. Call Junk It Florida when your auto:

  • Is a vehicle or commercial truck.
  • Was totaled in an accident or by the insurance company.
  • Was in a natural disaster, was flooded, or has water damage.
  • Is domestic or foreign.
  • Doesn’t run or has any type of mechanical problem.

Save yourself time from the hassle of selling your used car privately and from depreciating in value longer by calling Junk It Florida today. Being a wholesale, licensed, bonded, and insured dealer, expect nothing less than integrity, honesty, and fair dealings. We have a solid reputation for providing fair and real evaluations. Call us today at (958) 358- 4879 and speak to our representative who will provide you with a quick and accurate quote based on your vehicle’s value. You can also contact us for more information using the contact form.