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South Florida: Sell Your Commercial Fleet Vehicles to Junk It Florida and Get Them Off of Your Books Fast!

Junk It Florida will buy your commercial fleet vehicles, as well as your personal used, antique or junk cars – and will give you a fair price! Call Junk It Florida for a quote today before getting undervalued at the dealership!  (954) 358 – 4879.

Junk It Florida can give you a higher rate of return on your company’s fleet vehicles than what you would get compared to privately selling them or doing business with a dealership. Junk It Florida will negotiate a fair price with you so that you can get your old fleet vehicles off of your books quickly and easily, with fast payment delivered to you at the time of removal, and without sacrificing the value of your automobiles.

Most businesses that utilize company and fleet vehicles know how much they represent in dollar value on their balance sheets. While most businesses do a great job of maintaining their fleets, when it comes time to dispose of them, many don’t know how to maximize their residual value. Many fleet managers find the options for selling off the vehicles to be limited. Privately selling the vehicles one by one can be time intensive as well as costly. Selling them off quickly via a wholesaler or auction will often lead to taking a loss of up to 50% of the value of the entire fleet. Most corporate fleet managers, however, have a lot of responsibility, so they choose to utilize the quickest method possible that will save the most time, such as going through the auction or wholesaling process, employee sales, or even donating the vehicles, rather than holding out to obtain the best value for the fleet.

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South Florida: Get cash fast for your fleet vehicles, and maximize profit!

Junk It Florida offers a smarter, alternative option that will save you time and maximize the proceeds on the sale of your fleet vehicles. With one phone call to Junk It Florida, a conversation with our knowledgeable representatives will provide you with a fast quote of what Junk It Florida will pay for your commercial fleet vehicles based on their true value. Once a deal has been made, Junk It Florida will schedule a time to come remove the vehicles and deliver your payment. It’s that fast, and it’s that easy! Junk It Florida will purchase your fleet vehicles even if they have mechanical problems or are not running, and we are equipped to remove pick up trucks, SUV’s and commercial vans.

Get cash for your personal used, antique, or junk cars in South Florida as well, by calling Junk It Florida!

Junk It Florida is also interested in purchasing your personal used, antique, or junk car and even offers free removal of the vehicle from your property. If you are an executive who travels a lot and do not have the time to put into selling your car privately by placing ads and dealing with strangers, Junk It Florida will provide you with a fair offer based on your vehicle’s value, and upon your acceptance, we will come remove the vehicle at your convenience, and deliver your cash payment. Quick, easy, no hassle, and honest – that’s how Junk It Florida operates, and has been doing business for over 20 years.

Call Junk It Florida today at (954) 358 – 4879 to get rid of that headache, and get a fair deal on your commercial, used, antique, or junk autos today, or visit: