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Junk It Florida is South Florida’s #1 junk car removal service, providing our customers with the best deal every time! Call today for a free estimate: (954) 358 – 4879. Get serious cash for your junk car today.

If you want to sell your used or junk vehicle in Ft. Lauderdale and make the best profit possible, calling Junk It Florida is a wise choice. Junk It Florida is a family owned auto salvage buyer as well as a used car purchaser, serving Ft. Lauderdale and all of South Florida.

In business for over 20 years, we are experts in the auto sales and salvage industries and specialize in vehicle values. Junk It Florida will offer you a better deal than a car dealership can, and we can save you time and costs associated with attempting to privately sell your vehicle. Junk It Florida will promptly pay you cash for your junk car and provide you with free removal service when we purchase it. There are no hidden costs or fees with Junk It Florida. We pay you cash for your junk car or used car on the spot, the same amount you were originally offered by our professional appraiser.

Junk It Florida is interested in your used car too, regardless of its condition! 

How am I ever going to sell my car?

Most people are too busy to spend all day haggling over trade-in value at a car dealership. Many are intimidated and fear they will be pushed into accepting a poor offer. Some people know that they can’t maximize their car’s value by doing business with a car dealership, only to find out that selling the vehicle privately has its drawbacks too. Junk It Florida will pay you cash for your junk car, and can also give you a generous offer on your used vehicle. When it’s time to purchase a new car, you will have cash in hand from Junk It Florida to do business!

Junk It Florida is the answer to the “How am I ever going to sell my car?” dilemma. Customer satisfaction is #1 with Junk It Florida. We work for repeat business by earning our customers’ trust. We are interested in the vehicle you want to sell, regardless of its condition. You can get cash for your junk car or used car today, even if it:

  • Does not run
  • Has been totaled in an accident
  • Has been flooded or has water damage
  • Is in need of repair
  • Is foreign or domestic
  • Is an antique
  • Is a commercial van or truck, SUV, or pickup.

Junk It Florida wants to offer you cash for your junk car, and will purchase your used car too! Call today to speak with a Junk It Florida appraisal expert today! (954) 358 – 4879

Call today and get a free estimate of value for your vehicle.  Get quick cash and avoid hassles. Junk It Florida is an honest and reliable company that wants to purchase your junk or used autos. Our success in Ft. Lauderdale and all of South Florida is the result of how we value our customers. Shop around and compare our estimate to everyone else’s. Junk It Florida will pay top price for your vehicle – and you will never ask, “How will I sell my car?” ever again!