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Junk It Florida has been Plantation’s Preferred Junk Car Removal Service For Over 20 Years.

When you call Junk It Florida to remove your antique junk car, you’ll see why we are Plantation’s trusted Auto Salvage Wholesale Dealer. Customer satisfaction is Junk It Florida’s Top Priority! Visit: https://junkitflorida.com

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It is an antique, foreign, domestic, SUV, pickup truck, or commercial vehicle.Junk It Florida will remove your old junk car in Plantation for free, with no towing fee, ever. Your car does not need to be operable, and we will pay you to take it off of your hands! When you call Junk It Florida, you will receive a prompt quote of the price we will pay based on the actual cash value of your vehicle, with no hidden costs down the road. Junk It Florida has been in the junk car removal and auto salvage business for over 20 years. We pay a fair and honest price for your junk car, and will remove it from your yard promptly and efficiently. Junk It Florida will remove your vehicle, even if:

  • It was flooded and sustained water damage, or was in a natural disaster.
  • It was totaled in an accident.
  • It is no longer operable, or is in need of repairs.

Even though that old clunker is taking up space in your yard and getting uglier with each passing day, it is worth something to Junk It Florida! Junk It Florida has been paying cash for junk cars in Plantation for so many years, that it has become the community’s trusted junk car removal service. Junk It Florida will work with your schedule and pick up your junk vehicle at your convenience.

Junk It Florida is a local used car purchaser and licensed car dealer in addition to being in the auto salvage buying business.

junk car removal plantation floridaWhen Junk It Florida picks up your junk car in Plantation, or anywhere else in South Florida, we will first try to repair and restore your vehicle, so that it can be of service to another driver. If that isn’t possible, we will remove all of the salvageable parts and recondition them for future use. We will also dispose of all fluids and remaining materials according to strict environmental safety standards, to help preserve the environment for generations to come.

Junk It Florida is also interested in purchasing your used vehicle, and will offer you an honest and fair evaluation of your vehicle’s worth, which can be a vast difference compared to the typical treatment you will receive at car dealerships, or when doing business with large, online auto buyers. Junk It Florida is licensed, bonded, and insured, and takes pride in its first-rate reputation for honesty and exceptional customer service.

When you do business with Junk It Florida, not only are you ridding yourself of an antique, junk, or used vehicle, but you are also getting rid of a burden. With Junk It Florida, there is no hassle, you will be treated fairly and honestly, and you will be quoted a respectable price for your automobile. You don’t have to go through the trouble of placing ads, dealing with sketchy people and buyers who aren’t serious, only to waste a lot of time before haggling to reach a deal that may or may not fall apart. Junk It Florida is a convenient, one stop shop, and you deal with professionals who are knowledgeable about the values of used and junk automobiles, and will provide you with a fair deal, along with the prompt removal of your vehicle.

Do business with the best junk car removal service in Plantation, which also serves all of South Florida – Junk It Florida.

Call Junk It Florida today at (954) 358 – 4879, and receive a quote right away. Or, for more information, visit: https://junkitflorida.com. Junk It Florida looks forward to hauling your headache away!