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Wondering what to do with an old car is something almost everyone struggles with. Due to old age or crash accidents, cars can completely break down and no longer be safe for driving. Old cars typically end up in the corner of a property, making the space look untidy and unappealing. Because of this, owners of old cars continually seek what to do with an old car. 

If you live in Florida and you’re always thinking of innovative ways on what to do with an old car in Florida, here are some ideas to consider: 

1. Turn your junk car into a flowerbed for your garden. 

The back of your car or the hood can be cleared out of the engines and scraps to make space for soil and some plants to grow. Your old car-turned-flowerbed will be a unique and functional décor for your garden. 

2. Repurpose the car hood as an office desk. 

Old cars make great furniture so if you’re wondering what to do with an old car in Florida, we suggest having it transformed into a piece of furniture such as an office desk, study table, or even a couch. You can DIY this yourself if you’re crafty or ask for professional services if not. 

3. Recycle your old wheel rims into a fire pit. 

A quick “what to do with an old car” search on Google will tell you that one of the best ways to repurpose it is to use your car rims as a fire pit. Big truck wheels work best for this project, but regular wheel rims will work just fine as well. 

4. Transform your old car into a chicken coop.

If you raise chickens on your property, you can turn your old car into a home for them. Just clear out the interior of your car—removing the seats and all—and cover the openings with mesh or chicken wire to keep the chickens inside.  

5. Make money by selling it to junk car removal service companies 

Need an idea on what to do with an old car in Florida but you’re not a crafty person? Your best option is to make a few bucks while clearing out your property by hiring junk

removal services to take away your old car for you. In return, you can earn some money for the scraps. 

Junk It Florida is the most reliable junk car removal service company in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, and the Miami area. We will buy your old car and tow it away for free so all you have left is a clean property and a pocket full of money. Using our over twenty years of experience in the industry, we will salvage steel from your car and recycle them into new products to help save the planet. 

How Junk It Florida Helps the Earth:

If you’ve chosen idea number 5, selling your junk car to Junk It Florida, then congratulations on making the best decision for yourself and your car. Here’s how you can contribute to a greener planet by simply selling your junk car to us: 

1. We dispose of gas, oil, brake, and transmission fluids responsibly. 

Junk It Florida follows strict protocols when recycling junk cars. The first step in our recycling process is checking your car for possible leakage and draining your car out of any fluids as well as sodium from the airbag. These wastes are then disposed of following the local guidelines of Florida while the remaining car parts are recycled. 

2. We recycle metal scraps from your junk car. 

Once your junk car is free from any toxic fluids, chemicals, and non-metal parts, it is then crushed or shredded to make the steel scraps easy to recycle. We then send the metal scraps from your junk car to companies that can make all kinds of products out of them. This is how we help reduce the demand for fresh steel every day. 

3. We promote responsible disposal of junk cars among people. 

By rewarding owners of junk cars with money for deciding to get rid of cars responsibly, we are encouraging even more old car owners to sell theirs as well instead of letting them rot in their laws. The more junk cars are recycled into new materials and products, the less new resources are used in the production of new products. 

Make money, free up your lawn from junk, and help save the earth—you just can’t go wrong with selling your junk car to us. Now you know why many Americans sell their used vehicles and why we are the best junk car buyers in Florida. 

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