What is a salvage-title car?

What is a salvage-title car?

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When your vehicles have been in an accident, weather-damaged, stolen or repairs cost exceeds higher than the value of your automobile, then the vehicle is declared with a salvage title indicating that the car is no for feasible economically to repair. If the repair cost is estimated up to over 70 to 80% of total value of a car, then the salvage title for the vehicle is issued. Commonly, the insurance company will estimate the total loss versus price to repair and then considered a red flag with a salvage title.

If your car has been a salvage title, then the insurance company will issue a salvage certificate to the car and by then the vehicle cannot be driven, registered or sold for transportation purpose. But the option to the vehicle owner is, you can still sell your salvage vehicles to the salvage car buyer, car rebuilders or junkyards near you.

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