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If you have ever been in a road accident or incurred damages to your vehicle due to the harsh weather or other causes, you might have encountered what’s called a “salvage-title car.” However, what is this, and what does it mean if your car receives a “salvage title?”

Salvage Title On a Car

No matter how careful we are, we are bound to encounter problems with our vehicles. For example, road accidents are incredibly common, and living in Southern Florida means you have to deal with harsh weather conditions at times, including hurricanes.

Aside from this, your car might end up damaged or stolen as well. In these cases, you will need to either repair or replace your vehicle. If you have car insurance, your insurance company will often shoulder the bulk of the costs.

However, if the costs needed to repair your damaged vehicle exceeds the actual market value of your car, it’s considered a car with a salvage title. This means it’s no longer economically feasible to try repairing the damages. This usually happens if the repair costs amount to 70 to 80 percent of your car’s value.

Generally, your insurance company will be the one responsible for estimating just how much loss you will incur if you simply replace the car over pushing through with the repairs.

What Happens If Your Car Receives a Salvage Title?

If your car has been deemed too expensive to repair and given a salvage certificate, you can no longer drive, register, or sell your car for others’ use. Simply put, you’re left with an unusable vehicle.

Fortunately, even if your car has a salvage title, you can still sell it to salvage car buyers, junkyards, or car rebuilders. So, if you have a salvage-title vehicle and live in Southern Florida, why not consider selling your salvage-title car to us?

Salvage-Title Cars at Junk It Florida

Having a salvage-title car can be quite the burden. Is it worth your time and money to keep up with all of the repairs?

Find out how Junk It Florida has helped hundreds of cars owners in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, and other neighboring areas get rid of their worthless vehicles while receiving top dollar for them!

With our help, you can dispose of your unusable vehicle and recover some of your lost investment. Aside from offering a fair price, we also handle all the towing services needed and pay the agreed-upon amount upfront.

With us, you can enjoy convenient and hassle-free transactions. So, call us at (954) 358-4879 or leave us a message on our website to get a free estimate on your salvage-title car today!