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All parents wonder what to do with an old car seat at one point. People stop using car seats for various reasons including their child has outgrown it, the car seat has been involved in an accident, or it simply expired making it unsafe to use anymore. Others are also stuck on what to do with an old car seat in Florida when it is stuck on a car that got junked. Meanwhile, some are still stuck on whether their current car seat still serves them well or not. To know when it’s time for a new one, read on. 

When Do You Need a New Car Seat 

If you are looking for a sign to know when you should buy a new car seat and get rid of your old one, here’s what you should look out for: 

  • The car seat is already expired

Check the manual of your car seat or look for labels on the actual car seat that indicate its date of expiration. Yes, car seats do expire because the integrity of the materials they are made from can only be guaranteed up to a certain number of years. Before donating, selling, or giving away your old car seat, make sure it is not expired too. 

  • Your child is too big for their car seat. 

If your child’s head is less than an inch away from the top of the car seat, then it’s time for a new one. This shows that your child is too big to be covered by the car seat’s weight limit effectively. Get your child a new car seat that is more age-appropriate for them. 

  • You can’t get your car seat off your old car.

Car seats can get stuck in old cars due to rusting of the buckles, staying in the same spot for too long, or the car seat’s parts have simply hardened into place. Junk removal services like Junk It Florida can get rid of both your old car and the car seat stuck in it. It will responsibly dispose of non-metal parts to recycle the car’s metal scraps. 

  • The car seat was involved in a car accident. 

Consider upgrading your car seat if it has been in the car after a moderate to severe crash accident. You don’t need to replace it if the crash is only minor but still, check for possible damaged areas or parts that had loosened up due to impact. Car seats that have been through serious accidents should not be reused, donated, or sold. 

Does your car seat show signs that you need a new one already? Don’t worry. We have some tips on what you do with your old one in case the answer is yes, you need to replace your old car seat. 

What To Do With An Old Car Seat 

If you are among those struggling with what to do with an old car seat, regardless of the reason, consider our suggestions below: 

1. Donate your old car seat to local organizations. 

Check the local charities and organizations in your place and see if they accept old car seats as donations. Make sure to disclose the true condition of your car seat before donating—if it has already expired or has been in an accident—to avoid putting second-hand users at risk. 

2. Dispose of the old car seat responsibly. 

If you can’t find any donation drives that will accept your car seat and you’re more baffled than ever on what to do with an old car seat in Florida, you can trash it instead. Before that, ask if any local facilities want to salvage the plastic parts of your old car seat to recycle them and then you can dispose of the remaining scraps—like paddings and straps—in designated areas. 

3. Turn the car seat in to junk removal companies and earn money. 

Car seats are not cheap, so it is throwing them away or giving them away for free is not very practical. If you’re wondering what to do with an old car seat while getting back some of the money you spent on it at the same time, reach out to junk removal companies and they might pay you for the scraps they can get from your old car seat. 

Junk It Florida doesn’t just help you with what to do with an old car seat in Florida, we take entire junk cars out of your hands as well to get rid of them once and for all and regain the beauty of your property. We will pay you cash upfront for your old car plus we will take care of towing for free. We will also handle all the paperwork needed, if any, and get rid of hazardous materials and fluids from your old car responsibly. 
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